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Cardinal Leadership Votes to Move to Committee-Driven Format

On Thursday, April 21st, The Cardinal Initiative Board of Directors met in their regular meeting to discuss the goings-on in the organization. In doing so, Director Payton Beims presented a proposal to the board which suggested the group make an adjustment to their system where the Board of Directors become committee-driven.

Director Beims’ proposal contained a list of committees which were each to be chaired by one of the board members. Some of these committees are open to the public and could be embodied by community members who were not on Cardinal’s board to begin with.

The Director’s thoughts behind this were to make the process of discussing what actions need to be taken simpler. By scheduling the committee meetings neatly throughout any given month with the Board of Directors meeting being held toward the end of it, these committees will be able to conduct the ground-level discussion and form more solid ideas of what Cardinal should do in regards to their respective areas of responsibility. Once these discussions have been had, the committees will bring actions to the table at the next board meeting where they will be discussed and voted on. This process will create a smoother transition between idea and reality for Cardinal. With these committees, the organization will be able to do a lot more in an efficient, organized manner.

Committees Open to the Public

Fundraising Committee

Chairperson: Deb Minkler

This committee will be responsible for planning and arranging fundraiser events and campaigns as well as finding potential donors. The Fundraising Committee will also be in charge of finding volunteers and scheduling those volunteers for the events we host or take part in.

Research Committee

Chairperson: Robbyn Hodgs

The Research Committee is in charge of sourcing training materials and potential programs for The Cardinal Initiative. This committee will be the brainstorming group who brings ideas to the table regarding what Cardinal could potentially provide to the community in terms of mental health options/programs.

High School Ambassador Committee

Chairperson: Josh Popp

Must be in High School

This committee will be responsible for finding what Cardinal can do for the younger populations in our area. It is their job to provide insight on matters which affect young people’s mental health and what is being done to stop it.

This proposal was voted into effect at the April 21st meeting. Other committees included in the proposal are the Grant and Compliance Committees which will be operated by current board members.

For any information regarding the committees and how you might join one of them, please feel free to contact Director Payton Beims with the information provided.

Other Announcements

  • The Cardinal Initiative is still seeking donations. Options on how to do so can be found on our Facebook Page (

  • Cardinal is seeking letters of support from our community members who would like to do so. For more details, please contact us.

  • Cardinal is selling button pins for $1.00/button. These buttons are a great way to show support for mental health in our area.

Contact Information

Payton Beims

Executive Director


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